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Happily Evan After-Michelle Irwin (Promo share - Free ebook)

Evan is a reluctant cupid. Facing an unknown term of servitude to repay his debt to the world, it is his responsibility to guide couples together. Despite initial hesitancy, he has learned to handle every case with care and he now basks in the afterglow of new-found love and relishes in the energy it provides him. But his end goal is still the promise of paradise in return for his penance. It's all going according to plan until he receives an assignment that is inconceivable to him. He has to find a mate for Becca, within whom lives the reincarnated soul of his one true love. Bound by his duty to find her a match, he must resist her charm and suppress his own desires. It is his job and he cannot fail, even if his own paradise now seems lost. For a cupid, falling in love is against the rules. Isn't it?

"An unusual sweet romantic read that gives a feel good factor." Emma Jaye
"Michelle Irwin puts a sweet and happy spin on the idea and delivers a romantic comedy that is easy to love." ~ B. A. Dillon
"Let me start by saying that I'm not usually a big fan of paranormal reads but after reading Michelle's first book; Through the Fire, I was totally hooked on her work and she quickly became one of my favourite authors." ~ Sib, Diary of a Book Addict.
"Evan and Becca had my attention from the first page to the very last!" ~ Belinda, Hopelessly Devoted 2 Books.