5 nov. 2014

Eva Green captures the red passion as she attends the unveil of the 2015 Campari Calendar‏

Following this morning’s announcement, the iconic 2015 Campari Calendar star, Eva Green, poses for a photocall before attending a glamorous press conference in London’s contemporary Shoreditch Studios.
She stands alongside this year’s talented photographer, Julia Fullerton-Batten and Campari CEO, Bob Kunze-Concewitz, wearing a stunning Andrew Gn dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.
The press conference was moderated by television presenter, radio DJ and model, Lisa Snowdon.
The studios were transformed into a modern speakeasy, where journalists were invited to quiz this year’s Campari Calendar team before enjoying all the Campari cocktails depicted in this year’s Calendar. 
The 2015 Calendar is the 16th edition in the collection and is dedicated to celebrating Campari’s unique and intriguing history and the intrinsic stories linked to twelve of its best-loved classic cocktails. From the classic Negroni cocktail, created by Count Camillo Negroni himself in 1919, to the modern Campari Orange Passion, a contemporary spin on the classic Campari Orange, the Calendar explores and celebrates the recipes that have stood the test of time and are still adored in today’s modern world. 

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