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En la web estamos la escritora Inés Diaz Arriero y servidora Miss_Cultura o María.
Nos guste o no...un libro,película,serie...lo tratamos con todo el respeto y educación. Somos conscientes de que detrás de ese proyecto y trabajo hay mucho esfuerzo, dedicación y tiempo detrás.
Larga vida a la Cultura.

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The FRANKLIN EUGENE GLOBAL AMERICAN DESIGN COMPANY is letting Franklin Eugene’s velvet inspired designs do all the talking

While it is not unusual for the designer himself to narrate Fashion Week Presentations, Mr. Eugene was nowhere to be seen when FRANKLIN EUGENE FEARLESS FINESSE – A Menswear Homage to Velvet hit the international scene. This time the FRANKLIN EUGENE GLOBAL AMERICAN DESIGN COMPANY let the designs speak for themselves, and speak they did. While the entire collection is literally as smooth as velvet, we were most moved by the palpable passion and effort exemplified by each stitch, style affectation, and design detail. 

What Mr. Eugene is really is fashionably fulfilling is Dr. Angela Duckworth’s extraordinary supposition that “talent x effort = skill” and that “skill x effort = achievement”. See, Grit: the power of passion and perseverance; Angela Duckworth; Scribner, New York, 2016. We have been following Mr. Eugene for several years now and as we have watched his evolution as a designer two things stand out. First, we have noticed Mr. Eugene’s sublime and artful transition pieces. 

Second, we really enjoy those cutting-edge pieces that move menswear forward like the burgundy velvet tear drop suit from this FEARLESS FINESSE COLLECTION. In this case, the totality of the collection brings as much contentment as each piece. With clear skill and effort in both design and craftsmanship THE FRANKLIN EUGENE GLOBAL AMERICAN DESIGN COMPANY has achieved VICTORY IN VELVET. By the end of the presentation we wanted to run our hands all over the sumptuous velvet and add a couple high end velvet pieces to our wardrobe.